Working with San Antonio sign company Cold Fire Signs presents many more opportunities than storefront signage to coax pedestrians to give a store a second look. However, when it comes to making an organization stand out, architectural signs and graphics are popular options.


When a simple sign or banner isn't enough, architectural designs provide eye-catching options that are great for office building lobbies and directories. We also provide signage installations that are compliant with all laws pertaining to making any business or facility accessible by disabled individuals.

Dimensional Logos And Lettering

Institutions looking to send a prominent message when visitors first arrive are encouraged to use this type of option as signage posted at the main entrance to the campus or complex. By making the name and logo of your organization stand out, dimensional logos and lettering can help improve the appearance of any location.

ADA Tactile And Braille Signs

Making any building or facility compliant with visual handicap regulations is no easy task. Fortunately, by working with a San Antonio sign company, any organization can find the ADA tactile and Braille signage to make their business accessible to anyone. When it comes to handicap-specialized signage, we provide a variety of options, and can even come up with custom designs to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer consultation on how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Post And Panel

Promoting a business is important. However the ability for customers to navigate a facility or property is an integral part of the customer experience. From bathroom postings to directories, we can help any institution create a well-organized system that will help patrons find the right place the park, the correct building to enter or the proper floor to select on an elevator.

With options that are aesthically pleasing, handicap compliant and helpful to visitors, Cold Fire Signs can help your business or organization on multiple levels.