Federal data reports that there are hundreds of millions of vehicles traveling U.S. roads each year, and a significant portion of these are commercial cars and trucks. Many of these vehicles could represent a significant opportunity for businesses that wish to try their hand at one of the most effective forms of marketing today: outdoor mobile media.


Advertising placed on the sides of trucks and cars has been shown to have a lasting impact with potential customers. The American Trucking Association reports that 98 percent of in-car customers take note when they see advertising on the side of a vehicle. Separate research shows that this brand of marketing tends to stand out to customers more and stay with them longer, leading to high recall rates.


Given the significant reach of outdoor mobile advertising, businesses in San Antonio have a prime opportunity to reach more customers and increase their brand presence with custom vehicle graphics. At Cold Fire Signs, we use state-of-the-art printing technology to make vinyl car wraps and vehicle graphics that are dynamic and eye-catching.


Why Cold Fire Signs Is The Local Leader For San Antonio Signs

At Cold Fire Signs, we make it our mission to help San Antonio businesses improve their marketing efforts and brand reach with the most affordable, eye-catching and environmentally safe banners, signs, vehicle wraps and custom graphics available.


Our products are perfect for businesses that wish to adorn a lobby with new custom floor decals or for companies that want to make a big splash at their next trade meeting with eye-popping trade show banners. Whatever your objective, Cold Fire Signs can help turn your creative strategies into a reality.


How Cold Fire Signs Delivers Quality, Cost-Effective Vehicle Graphics

While Cold Fire Signs uses professional-grade, high-quality printing techniques to create our vinyl car wraps, it doesn't cost a fortune for businesses to outfit an entire fleet with vehicle graphics that really pop. In fact, vinyl is an affordable and widely available medium that ensures costs are kept within reach - even to small businesses in San Antonio.


Despite our affordable price, Cold Fire Signs does not compromise quality, craftsmanship or service. By using Gerber Solara Ion technology, which minimizes wasted ink and material and produces no negative ozone effects, we ensure that our techniques and products have a minimal impact on the environment.


We also work with BIOflex materials - which hasten the biodegradation process - and use Eco Boards when possible, which are made from recycled, 100 percent biodegradable materials.

For years, Cold Fire Signs has been committed to bringing our clients' creative marketing efforts to life in a quick and cost-effective manner. Contact us today to learn how we can expand your business' footprint with leading custom graphics.

How Custom Vehicle Wraps Play An Important Role In Visual Marketing

Do you desire a way for customers to instantly recognize your business by name? The solution may be simpler than you think, as research shows vehicle wraps increase name recognition by a rate significantly higher than any other form of marketing or advertising. Ultimately, custom vehicle wraps may be the untapped marketing strategy your business needs to break through to the next level.


Car wraps can be particularly effective for businesses with their own fleets of vehicles. Don't send unmarked and forgettable trucks or vans out on San Antonio streets - turn to Cold Fire Signs to have these vehicles adorned with your company's logo or dynamic splash advertising. Using our advanced printing technology and affordable vinyl material, we can create crisp and colorful images on each of your fleet's vehicles.