According to data from the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, in the first quarter of 2012 the city enjoyed the second strongest business climate among the major five Texas metropolitan areas - trailing only Houston. Trends suggest San Antonio could continue to assert itself as a local heavyweight, a fact that could continue to draw interested consumers and businesses to the city for years to come.


Businesses and entrepreneurs come from far and wide to attend trade shows, conferences and major get-togethers in San Antonio. Given the city's growing economic profile, these events could represent a big opportunity for local businesses that want to make a splash. Eye-catching trade show banners and displays can be an effective way to garner the attention of potential customers, partners or investors attending these events.


At Cold Fire Signs, we use industry leading printing technology to create dynamic materials and signage perfect for businesses that want to build their visual appeal. If you're in the market for quality vinyl signs or trade show banners for your next major event, look no further than Cold Fire Signs, located off Interstate 10 in north San Antonio.

We can create powerful and durable vinyl signs and trade show banners.

When a trade show attendee approaches your booth, you want your display to provide a lasting first impression. Flimsy or poorly designed display signs can send a potential business partner running the other way, but with a high-quality, digitally printed fabric or vinyl sign created by Cold Fire Signs, you can send the best possible message to your competition, colleagues and industry bigwigs.


We offer trade show banners made from a variety of materials, including vinyl, fabric, scrim, mesh and flag. In addition, we can create dynamic signs in a variety of standard sizes, from smaller banners that are 3 feet by 10 feet, to larger displays that are 14 feet by 48 feet. If our standard sizes don't meet your needs, ask about our custom trade show banners.


We can provide portable exhibits and displays to improve your trade show presence.

Of course, dazzling trade show graphics are only one piece of the puzzle. You will also need sturdy but portable displays that will allow you to assemble your booth and sign in minutes, wherever you may need to present your company brand. At Cold Fire Signs, we offer a wide selection of affordable, lightweight banner stands, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated.

To get the most out of your trade show booth design, contact us today to learn about customized signs and display options. We can help you build a slick and professional booth that is sure to be the talk of your next industry event. Best of all, we use materials that are both durable and portable, ensuring your displays hold up to repeated use.


We are San Antonio's premier provider of large format printing.

At Cold Fire Signs, we understand the true value of visual media, and we work to provide the best custom trade show displays, corrugated plastic signs and custom vehicle wraps in the industry. Our patented Cold Fire Cure technology is powerful enough to create effective signage for any occasion, and we have designed eye-catching political signs, church banners, floor logos and more.


We are also committed to the environment, and our printing processes - the greenest in the country - are emission free and fine-tuned to have a minimal impact on the environment. By providing a convenient online shopping portal, Cold Fire Signs also makes it easy for customers to find the right products for their next major visual project.