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Wall and Window Murals

When some people look at a wall or a window, they see just that: a part of a house or building that may get some decorations. However, a San Antonio sign company looks at it as an opportunity. Whether it's a storefront window or a wall in an office, we see these surfaces as free canvases for any business or organization to help promote its brand or bring a whole new aesthetic to a room.

At Cold Fire Signs, we can help companies take advantage of these opportunities with our window and wall murals. By using the latest in digital technologies, there's no limit to the types of designs we can create. We offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from as small as 2' X 3' to as large as 30' X 100' - and everything in between.

Much like our standard San Antonio printing services, our window and wall mural production practices create an attractive image that will catch the eyes of potential customers and increase foot traffic for any business or organization. However, they can also be used for much more creative purposes.

Instead of placing a sign on the storefront, a business can unveil a beautiful, original mural that will intrigue those passing by in a way that a standard sign never would. Then, once the company has a customer's attention, it can then promote its services and products with conventional signage.

With the latest advancements in digital printing technology, Cold Fire Signs can create vibrant images using any number of colors. Also, with our revolutionary, efficient processes, we can complete your design faster and for less.

If you have a window at your building or a wall at your office that is not being used to its full potential, contact Cold Fire Signs today to see how our murals can help transform your organization.

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