Printed and installed by Cold Fire Signs

May 2008

382.5 Sq. ft., including 3,999 hidden words and 25,112 characters.

The list of 3,999 words was used as a starting point when beginning the design of the custom application (java genetic algorithm) that produced the final puzzle in a text file format, including the a key indicating the coordinates for each word or term.

Using the text file, each letter was placed line by line, letter by letter, in Macromedia Freehand. Because the width of the letters in an individual font varies (compare an “A” to an “I” for example in a sans serif font), the 25, 112 letters in this raw file had to be individually placed in columns and rows, aligning as the buildout progressed. The file was then converted to an Adobe Illustrator file and delivered to Cold Fire Signs.

Cold Fire produced multiple panels of adhesive vinyl in vertical format. On Friday, May 10, 2008, Cold Fire installed the panels, moving across the wall from left to right. Installation was completed by a two-man crew in just under 5 hours.

TMac Design, creative director, Cold Fire Signs, print and installation