Our Products

Sneeze Guards & Cashier Shields

Protect your workers and customers with clear acrylic sneeze guards and cashier shields.

Special Projects

If your need requires thinking outside the box, bring your idea to us and with our experience, talent and technology we will find a solution.

Wall & Window Murals

Unique signage solutions connect people to places. Provide your space with a strong sense of “you are here” by differentiating it from others.

Lobby Logos

You only get one chance at a first impression. Our 3-D letters and logos can make your “stand out” in comparison to more conventional signage.

Custom Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle Graphics

Hundreds of millions of vehicles travel U.S. roads each year. We can help you market to these people everywhere you go!

Labels & Decals

Custom logo decals can be used to promote your business, increase safety awareness, or label equipment and supplies.


Flags are an exciting, customizable way to advertise. Used in multiple types of environments, a flag can deliver your messages in a sleek, adaptable manner. Various sizes and shapes are available to be used indoors or outdoors.

Custom Exhibits & Displays

Businesses and entrepreneurs come from far and wide to attend trade shows, conferences and major get-togethers in San Antonio. Be sure your product and company stands out among the crowd with a custom trade show or exhibit display.

Corrugated Plastic Signs

These rigid signs provide a stable signage solution without the costs of more permanent design options.

Custom Banners

We work with customers to create banners that are specifically tailored to your gathering by using advanced digital technology to create the design you need and get it printed on a high-quality product.

Architectural Signs

When it comes to making an organization stand out, architectural signs and graphics are popular options

Fine Art Reproductions

Our expertise in fine art reproduction stems from our understanding of how the processes and materials work. By working with high-quality printing materials and vibrant, long-lasting inks, we combine all the best practices in printing to create visual magic.


Premier posters and color graphics solutions can help make your presentation more eye-catching and memorable.

Site Signs

Capitalize on the interest of the community by promoting your upcoming business, attraction or expansion with a site sign from Cold Fire Signs.

Frames & Hardware

Cold Fire Signs has all kinds of finishing frames and hardware. We have a complete selection of sign hardware solutions to fit your needs. Just call us, and we’ll show you whats available at your fingertips. Do you need a quick turn around? We print our signs in house and have sign frames and hardware in stock today.

Custom Banner Stands

Banner stands are an affordable, versatile signage solution for any business or event.