What’s a fun and creative way to engage customers and promote your business?

Custom logo labels, decals and stickers may be one of the most overlooked marketing products available, as many businesses have not considered the value these items could add to their campaign. There is a reason Apple, Inc. has included decals of their logo with every computer since the 1980’s. Many consumers enjoy collecting promotional stickers of their favorite brands, and these products can be a colorful way for businesses to catch the eye of potential customers.

Custom logo decals can also be valuable to businesses that need to label equipment or supplies, create a consistent branding presence across packaged products or spruce up a corporate lobby with an impressive floor graphic. Using high-tech, cutting-edge printing technology, Cold Fire Signs can design and create promotional or logo labels in a variety of sizes, shapes and quantities.

We are specialists in large format printing and bulk label creation, providing businesses in the San Antonio area and beyond with high-quality signage for any purpose. Contact Cold Fire Signs today and learn how our products can help drive your marketing campaign, solidify your branding and messaging or personalize your office space and headquarters.


Logo decals often have more value to consumers than other disposable promotional materials. Many consumers will hang on to these as souvenirs and adhere them to just about anything – including vehicles, walls and appliances. As a result, stickers and labels are a great way for businesses to appeal to potential new customers at industry events, advertise special promotions or leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Our cost-effective custom logo labels can also lend a professional air to a small business’ shipping operation. By adhering the company logo to each outgoing product or package, businesses ensure that customers remember where that item originated. Colorful images and grabbing designs have staying power, and with custom decals from Cold Fire Signs, businesses can be sure their presentation is something worth remembering.


Cold Fire Signs is also a leading provider of floor graphics, which can be an effective way for businesses to make a statement. Banks can make their mark with impressive branded logos in their front entryway, while retailers may want to guide shoppers to sales items or new sections of the store with an assortment of floor decals that guide customers.

These are just a few of the possibilities available to businesses that turn to Cold Fire Signs for eye-popping custom floor graphics. We use state-of-the-art printing technology in all of our products, which ensures durability and quality, and we work with our clients to develop custom solutions that suit their needs. Whether it’s a series of promotional labels for an ad campaign or a handful of floor decals meant to maximize the marketing potential of a business’ physical space, Cold Fire Signs can provide top products and solutions.

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Product Testimonial

Amanda P.

San Antonio

Excellent labeling for our team water coolers! Fast, friendly and accommodating with quality result on an unconventional surface (round water jugs)...produced our order for our short notice window in time for season start. The labels have weathered the season and rough handling of 8-10 year old boys. Thank you Cold Fire team for making this happen for our baseball sluggers!!