Custom Banner Stands

Working with a San Antonio sign company doesn’t have to be expensive, not does it have to result in a permanent project. Instead, some clients are looking for affordable, versatile signage options that can be quickly deployed for a variety of purposes. In these types of instances, customers are encouraged to look at banner stands produced by Cold Fire Signs.

When a business or organization is attending an event or running a temporary promotion, a corrugated sign or full-size banner is sometimes too much to move around. That’s why we offer banner stands that are perfect for use at conferences and conventions, because they can be setup quickly and in any location.

Rather than invest in one permanent signage option for a convention that is unlikely to be reused, a company can look into a banner stand that has all the visibility of a normal banner when used in closer quarters. While they may not hang from the ceiling, banner stands are perfect for marketing directly to pedestrians walking by a particular booth or department.

Additionally, businesses can use these installations for signs that need to be moved around quickly and easily. Banner stands are durable enough for long-term use, but they can be also be taken off of the floor quickly. This can be important if a retailer wants to mark sales or warn customers about renovations or wet floors.

Like all of our signage solutions, our banner stands are created using the latest in digital technology, meaning that we take whichever design or image you want and then print it directly onto the substrate. As opposed to conventional screen printing, we don’t need to swap out equipment to change colors, making no image too complex.

Businesses and other organization looking for a signage solution that will be face-to-face with a customer are encouraged to contact Cold Fire Signs today.

Why Choose Banner Stands?

  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Quick & easy set up
  • Non-permanent solution
  • Durable for long term use
  • Easily transported
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Product Testimonial

Hope Jackson

San Antonio

This group is very easy to work with, and very knowledgeable. I had a big challenge and they walked me through the entire process. They made it easy and affordable. I highly recommend Cold Fire for any project.