As soon as you break ground for a new building, or begin remodeling an existing structure, you pique the curiosity of everyone passing by. People see a work in progress and naturally want to know what is coming and how it will benefit them. You have the attention of future consumers, renters, and investors for the project underway. Potential clients for the company responsible for the construction are also taking notice. Cold Fire Signs, a premier San Antonio printing services provider, can help you capitalize on all that interest.

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  • Our site signs are great for quickly giving potential buyers or tenants information about a property in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • By posting one of our units outside a for-sale property or construction project, visitors can quickly understand the layout, value and size of their potential investment.
  • On top of that, by providing a full architectural rendering, the owner of the land or commercial development can promote the exact features they want visitors to see.
  • Our site signs are high-quality, cost-effective solutions that can help increase awareness of the land or project.
  • We provide the latest in digital printing services, creating detailed, vibrant images on nearly any material.
  • Unlike conventional screen printing, we don’t need to swap equipment in and out to changes colors. So, no matter what the design or image, we can reproduce it on a variety of substrates – in as many colors as you wish.

Other printing providers may offer cookie-cutter solutions for your commercial or residential property, but at Cold Fire Signs we work with our clients to understand their holdings so that we can craft solutions specific to their signage needs.

Cover allthe bases

  • Construction Site Banners: At Cold Fire Signs we can turn a chain link fence into a barrier that will conceal some of the construction clutter with eye-catching graphics that will generate interest in the future business or structure being built.
  • Vehicle Wraps: A wrapped construction trailer should be a key part of the marketing strategy for any large-scale development. This mobile billboard will reach audiences of all ages, gender, backgrounds, income and professions and is ideally located to be viewed 24/7 by the very people who work, live, or play in the area. It also takes the focus off the present construction while promoting the future.
  • Vehicle Lettering for Trailers, Trucks and Heavy Equipment generates the brand recognition that will keep your company in the minds of future investors long after the project in completed.
  • Covering windows while the building interior reaches completion not only promotes your business up until the grand opening, it helps conceal tools, furnishings, supplies and equipment stored inside. Cold Fire Signs can make your business less tempting to criminals and more attractive to future consumers with banners, signs or window perfs.
  • Safety on Site: Cold Fire Signs can help you identify areas where hard hats, safety glasses, or ear protection is needed for the safety of workers and visitors to the site. We can also provide directional signs for routing employees and suppliers, and Polystyrene stencils for specific instructions.

When the building is complete, we are there for all your interior signage needs, from Lobby Logos to directional signage with A.D.A. compliance.


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